The Gift of The Nile ~

Nefertiti in my past life ;) LMU Undergrad, ancient art buff and aspiring Egyptologist and curator. Examining and studying the art and architecture of Ancient Egypt and learning about this fascinating culture one post at a time.

Hello everyone :) I just received this email from the American Research Center in Egypt, OC Chapter about an amazing series happening next month all about Cleopatra VII, the last Queen of Egypt! If you have been to the Cleopatra Exhibit at the California Science Center in Los Angeles or plan on going I suggest you go check out this series of talks and studies! I know I will! Here’s more information: 

Egypt in the Days of Cleopatra

Date: Saturday, December 8, 2012
Time: Noon to 5:30 p.m.
Place: UCLA Campus, Royce Hall, Room 314

FREE and Open to the Public!!!

Join scholars from all over Southern California and Berkeley as they present their research on “Egypt in the Days of Queen Cleopatra” on December 8, from noon to 5:30pm in Room 314 of Royce Hall at UCLA.

Free to the public, thanks to generous support from the UCLA Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, the Kershaw Chair of Ancient Eastern Mediterranean Studies, and the UCLA Dean of the Humanities.

Hope to see you there!! 

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